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Responsibilities of Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Updated: 2024-03-06

1. To implement laws, regulations, policies and measures concerning domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation, and utilization of foreign investment; draft relevant laws, regulations, and policies; and supervise their implementation;

2. To formulate Guiyang's domestic trade development plans, policies and measures; cultivate and develop the urban and rural commodity market system; and promote the structural adjustment of the circulation industry as well as modern circulation modes such as chain operation, logistics distribution and e-commerce;

3. To formulate development plans, policies and measures for Guiyang's logistics industry, strengthen the construction of logistics infrastructure, cultivate and develop logistics enterprises and markets and promote the development of the logistics industry;

4.  To rectify and standardize the market economy order, standardize the operation of the market, and promote credit construction in the commercial field;

5. To monitor and analyze the business operation situation, conduct forecasting, warning and information guidance; guide and manage the reserve of important commodities; establish and improve the emergency management mechanism of the market for daily necessities; and organize and implement market regulation, supply and guarantee in emergency conditions;

6. To administer the commerce and trade service industry; supervise and administer refined oil, auction, pawn shops and other special circulation businesses in accordance with relevant regulations; and guide the recycling and utilization of renewable resources;

7. To administer Guiyang's foreign-related economic activities according to authorization; undertake registrations, applications for approval, issuance of certificates, annual examinations, modification and cancellation of foreign economic and trade enterprises; to instruct enterprises and institutions on participating in relevant domestic and foreign business exhibitions; and to conduct the examination and approval of the visits to foreign countries of import and export enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises;

8. To implement national administrative measures for imports, exports, processing and trade and the policies and measures for promoting the transformation of the foreign trade growth mode; organize and implement the total import and export plan of the city's important industrial products, raw materials and important agricultural products; coordinate bulk import and export commodities with relevant departments; and guide the trade promotion activities and the construction of the foreign trade promotion system;

9. To implement state policies on foreign trade in technology and service, import and export control, and the import and export of technologies and complete sets of equipment; organize and implement the strategy of invigorating trade through science and technology; take the lead in drafting the city's foreign trade development plans; and undertake import and export business statistics and related work in fair trade;

10. To guide and coordinate the city's utilization of foreign capital; study and formulate the relevant policies on the utilization of foreign capital and undertake the establishment, modification, administration and coordination of foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with authorization; organize and implement investment promotion activities; and conduct statistical analysis of the city's utilization of foreign capital;

11. To undertake Guiyang's foreign economic cooperation; coordinate and administer the city's contracting for overseas projects and employment as well as labor export; help local enterprises to file applications for overseas investment; and perform centralized administration of overseas grant assistance;

12. To guide and organize training for personnel in Guiyang's commerce system;

13. To undertake other tasks assigned by Guiyang's Party committee, Guiyang municipal people's government and superior business departments.

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