General Office (Office of Party Committee of the Bureau of Commerce)


​The General Office is responsible for government affairs, including the bureau's documents and telegrams, conferences, confidentiality, document files, proposals, internal security firefighting and letters and visits.


Division of Opening-up (Office of the Opening-up Committee of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee)


​The division is responsible for the affairs of opening-up offices in Guiyang city.


Personnel Division


​Its mission is to undertake the administration work of organization establishment, cadres and personnel, labor wages and social security of the bureau and affiliated agencies.


Division of Finance


​The Division of Finance monitors and analyzes the financial operations of the bureau and affiliated agencies.


Division of Policy and Regulations


Its responsibilities are to study the expansion of opening-up and the reform of domestic and foreign trade operation, and put forward suggestions on major issues


Division of Market Operation Regulation and Consumption Promotion


​The major responsibilities are to monitor and analyze the city's commercial and economic operations, investigate and analyze commodity price information, offer forecasts, warnings and information guidance, improve the market monitoring system and report relevant information, and implement a regular meeting system of commercial and economic scheduling.


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