Division of Opening-up (Office of the Opening-up Committee of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee)


​The division is responsible for the affairs of opening-up offices in Guiyang city.


Division of Policy and Regulations


Its responsibilities are to study the expansion of opening-up and the reform of domestic and foreign trade operation, and put forward suggestions on major issues


Service Trade Division


​The major responsibilities are to draft and implement development plans, policies and measures for service trade.


Detachment of Business Administrative Law Enforcement (12312 Reporting and Complaint Service Center)


​The detachment's mission is to implement the national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents on pig slaughtering, strengthen the supervision and management of fixed-point slaughtering, crack down on violations of laws and regulations, and assist relevant departments to investigate and deal with illegal behavior in the slaughter, circulation, production and processing of pigs.


Guiyang Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade


​Its major responsibilities are to carry out economic and trade activities of various kinds, promote foreign trade, investment and economic & technological cooperation, and carry forward enterprises to take part in economic globalization.


Division of Foreign Investment and Foreign Economic Cooperation (Guiyang Development Zone Management Office)


​The division's mission is to formulate, implement and assess foreign capital development plans, policies, measures and objectives.


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