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Division of Foreign Investment and Foreign Economic Cooperation (Guiyang Development Zone Management Office)

Updated: 2024-03-06

The division's mission is to formulate, implement and assess foreign capital development plans, policies, measures and objectives; examine and approve the establishment and modification of foreign-invested enterprises; supervise and manage established foreign-invested enterprises, concerning coordination services involving items examination and approval and the joint annual report of the foreign-invested enterprises; and conduct statistics and analysis of the approval data of foreign-invested enterprises. The division guides the examination and approval of foreign investment in development zones, comprehensive bonded zones, and economic zones; examines and approves of business and daily management of the bureau in the municipal government administration service hall; and promotes economic cooperation and exchanges with investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and from foreign countries.

The division implements the national and provincial policies of foreign economic cooperation and citizens' overseas employment; reviews domestic enterprises' qualifications in starting overseas businesses (excluding financial enterprises) and of overseas economic cooperation enterprises; manages and supervises foreign investment, foreign contracted projects, overseas labor cooperation and design consultation; undertakes work related to the protection of rights and interests of expatriate labor and labors employed overseas; and gathers statistics on foreign economic cooperation.

The division guides and manages the city's national and provincial development zones, implements national and provincial development strategies and guidelines for development zones, formulates policies and strategies for the development zones and makes recommendations; undertakes the statistics collection of the development zones and annual evaluation; guides the formulation of medium and long-term development plans for the development zones and organizes their implementation; assists the development zones to apply for provincial and municipal special funds; and coordinates and handles major issues related to the development zones.


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