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Detachment of Business Administrative Law Enforcement (12312 Reporting and Complaint Service Center)

Updated: 2024-03-06

The detachment's mission is to implement the national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents on pig slaughtering, strengthen the supervision and management of fixed-point slaughtering, crack down on violations of laws and regulations, and assist relevant departments to investigate and deal with illegal behavior in the slaughter, circulation, production and processing of pigs. The detachment enforces the laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents on the circulation management of alcoholic beverages, investigates and punishes violations of liquor circulation management, and assists relevant departments to investigate and deal with the production and sale of counterfeited alcoholic beverages. It also strengthens enforcement of laws pertaining to refined oil, pawn shops, recycling of renewable resources, used car trading, and scrapped automobile recycling in accordance with relevant state regulations; conducts law enforcement in the import and export of technology, foreign labor cooperation, contracting projects, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, and anti-monopoly regulations; and handles cases reported from the reporting and complaint hotline, 12212, and gives feedback. It performs other duties stipulated in laws, regulations and rules, as assigned by the Guiyang municipal Party committee and Guiyang municipal people's government.

Tel: +86-851-85806713


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