Key points of Guiyang's foreign investment promotion policies


Here are key points of Guiyang's foreign investment promotion policies


100 foreign investment attraction projects of Guiyang


This file introduces 100 foreign investment attraction projects of Guiyang.


Forms of foreign investment


Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures, Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Joint Ventures, and Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises are the three main forms of foreign investment in China.


Promotion Policy on Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce


​In order to further the China (Guiyang) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone where import and export trade and inland open economy can be fully developed, our city has formulated plans and policies to further the growth of cross-border e-commerce.


​Regulations and Procedures for Handling Modification Examination and Approval of Foreign-funded Enterprises within the Authority


The regulations specify the subjects, the handling basis, the items, the scope of authorization, the materials required, the procedures, the fees and the time needed for the foreign-funded enterprises within the authority.


Nationwide Implementation of the Enterprise Income Tax Policies for Advanced Technology Service Enterprises in Areas under the Pilot Program of Innovative Development of Trade in Services


Beginning on January 1, 2018, the enterprise income tax on determined advanced technology service enterprises (in the category of trade in services) shall be levied at the reduced rate of 15%.


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